Frequently Asked Questions

The most important point that we would like you to know is, if you have any queries
about LIDWIG simply email us and you can be assured to receive a reply.

To help you get started, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that may
provide you with an immediate answer. If this doesn't help, contact the guys directly
at LIDWIG by sending an email to [email protected].


1 - Why would i buy a Composite or an Aluminum clamp over a steel clamp?

LIDWIG takes pride in using Premium Light Weight materials. This makes the composite clamps strong and durable “with never before seen” strength in such a lightweight clamp. The Aluminium clamps have similar advantages over a steel clamp, lightweight with strength similar to steel. Why would you buy anything else.


2 - What are the "Lidwig Clamps" key features?

The entire Lidwig Clamp range Will Not Disengage under Vibration due to it's patented locking action. Made from virtually an indestructible reinforced Glass Compound, gives the user a superior tool to use. Premium Grade Aluminum is use in both the X6 & X7 Alloy clamps. The Patented mechanics of the design allows the user to apply tremendous pressure on the work surface, by mildly squeezing the handles.

Why not Plastic

3 - Are the X4 and X5 clamp made out of Plastic?

NO! The X4 and X5 are made from a Reinforced Glass Composite, which gives the X4 & X5 a unique characteristic over conventional plastic clamps. The unique formula enhances the strength while still giving the user a light weight clamp.

Who can use the Clamps?

4 - Who can use the Clamp?

Cabinetmakers to Industrial, Builders to Schools. Anywhere you are in a situation using repetitive clamping the Lidwig Clamps Range are the quickest and simplest to use.

Required Strength

5 - Do i require strength to use the clamp?

No. Female Tradies are using the clamp with a great response. Quite a few Girls High Schools are also using the clamps in their Industrial Arts Dept in the Wood and Metal work areas.

Wood or Welding

6 - Are the Clamps just used in the Wood Work arena?

Not at all. The X4 & X5 are impervious to heat, along with the X6 and X7. The Industrial and Engineering sector are currently using the entire clamp range from welding to construction in various applications.

Welding Resistant

7 - Can you use the X4 and X5 in Welding applications?

Yes most definitely. Weld Splatter usually falls off and wont stick. If it does, simply wipe off when cool. However the clamp will Char and blacken if welded against.

Where to Buy

8 - Where can you buy the clamps in Australia?

We have an extended supply network through out Australia. Please click on " Where To Buy link, to find a Retailer closest to you. If you cannot locate one, then contact Lidwig, our sales staff will locate a distributor that will supply you anywhere in Australia.

Purchase Worldwide

9 - Can i order from another counrty?

Please contact Lidwig and we will locate a local retailer in your area. Or alternatively please go to Where To Buy


10 - Are there concerns over oxidation with the Aluminium Clamps?

Untreated aluminum has very good corrosion resistance in most environments. This is primarily because aluminum spontaneously forms a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. Aluminum oxide is impermeable and, unlike the oxide layers on many other metals, it adheres strongly to the parent metal. If damaged mechanically, aluminum’s oxide layer repairs itself immediately. This oxide layer is one of the main reasons for aluminum’s good corrosion properties.

Life Span

11 - What life span do the LIDWIG Clamps have?

For both the composite & Alloy clamps it depends mostly on the environment, usage and treatment. For the Aluminium clamps you will be able to clamp 8000 times before you will start to see any wear. Similarly with the Composite clamps. A lifetime of satisfaction.

Clamping Forces

12 - Are the clamping forces comparable with steel?

The Patented mechanics of the design enables you to clamp 6 times the nominal pressure being applied with your hand. This means that you need very little pressure applied on the handles to maximize the force applied on the clamped surfaces. So comparing the forces to steel with composites and Aluminium it varies only a little.

Choosing a Clamp

13 - Which clamp will be the right one for my job?

LIDWIG has 3 Types of Clamps with 4 different sizes.
Clamping capacity
X4 – 55mm x 55mm Throat Depth – Cupboards, On Benches, granite, etc
X5 – 150mm x 55mm Throat Depth - Cupboards, On Benches, Framing, Steel Posts trusses
X6 – 55mm x 100mm Throat Depth - Anything that needs a stronger clamping force & a deeper throat than the X4
X7 – 310mm x 100mm Throat Depth – With 310mm to work with the jobs are endless.
Each has a unique design and a purpose.

How to Use

14 - How do I use the clamps correctly?

When you purchase any products from LIDWIG there will be specific instructions on the back of the packaging on how to use the Product. On the X Clamp Range there are Step-By-Step Instructions on how to use the clamps. Please follow the guidelines carefully.

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