X6 Clamp

X6 Clamp

Features & Benefits

Clamps 55 x 100mm

* High Grade Alloy
* Clamps 55mm
* Throat Depth 100mm
* Swivel Pads & cover caps to suit
* 6 x Clamping pressure
* Able to clamp under load with ease


Soft Cover Caps

Where to Buy
* High Strength
* Large Surface Swivel Pads & cover caps
* Heavy Industrial applications
* Will with-stand heat for welding applications

The X6 is designed not to replace the X4 but to compliment it. Now with a deeper throat you are able to clamp draw fronts with ease. Get into those hard places and clamp just using one hand.

The X clamp range are the quickest repetitive clamp on the market. Once you have adjusted it to your desired pressure and thickness your able to clamp over and over with just one hand. Even under pressure you are able to use one hand, and one finger to release the clamp.

There is no need to worry about a bar sliding down and constantly resetting the clamp.
Woodworkers don't have to worry about clamps disengaging when routing on a bench, the X clamp range will never disengage under vibration. So that means you can knock the timber into place or router on a bench without the clamps disengaging and falling off.

The 4 Bar mechanism gives the user 6 x times clamping pressure between the clamping jaws than you apply on the handles. "WOW" we have many older customers that have a problem using conventional clamps due to arthritis or wrist problems. Now they can use a clamp to apply 100kg of pressure with just 1 hand. Yes that's right even under load you can apply a tremendous amount of pressure.

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