X5 Clamp Original

X5 Clamp Original

Features & Benefits

Clamps 100 x 50mm

* WILL NOT disengage with vibration. OH&S
* Quick to Lock - Release with just one finger.
* Quickest One Handed Clamp on the market.
* Quarter the weight of steel
* Glass Filled Composite Resin - NOT Plastic
* Cutting edge technology to the clamping arena
* 100kg Clamping Force
* Clamps 100mm x 50mm Throat


Where to Buy

The Patented mechanics of the design enables you to clamp 6 times the nominal pressure being applied with your hand. This means that you need very little pressure applied on the handles to maximize the force applied on the clamped surfaces. So comparing the forces to steel with composites it varies only a little.

Used In
* General Building & Construction
* General Cabinetmaking & Shopfitting
* Industrial & Engineering to use while welding.
Weld splatter simply falls off. New adaptor soon available to use the clamps as a Ground Clamp for larger 600amp+ welders especially for the Automotive industry
* Anywhere larger clamping is required

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