X5 Clamp

X5 Clamp

Features & Benefits

Clamps 150 x 55mm

* Reinforced Glass Composite – Not Plastic
* Quick to Release & Engage
* Quickest Repetitive Clamp
* Vibration Resistant
* 6 x the nominal force
* Spring Loaded Bolt, for quick adjustment
* Impervious to Heat
* Soft caps for added protection

Soft Cover Caps

Where to Buy

This New X5 is made from an almost indestructible material, specifically formulated for the Lidwig clamps, the Reinforced Glass Composite gives you a high
tensile strength clamp, with the benefit of being light to carry.

Don’t take our word for it!
Ever wish you had three hands? The answer has arrived….
BCM Review

The Australian Woodworker
User Report

Forget Old School Technology using Plastic Clamps, Metal Clamps and Steel clamps and the extra costs of constant breakages of Plastic and Cast with the OH&S issues using weighty Steel Clamps. Most clamps WILL disengage with vibration. X5’s patented secure locking system CANNOT disengage regardless of vibration making it the preferred clamp for the tradesman.

A patented 4 pin locking mechanism has been designed to ensure a powerful locking strength
that is fully adjustable and secure. The Locking Mechanism is so simple to use it only requires one hand to lock engaging the clamp with one finger disengage. The Lidwig Clamp is adjusted in seconds and once set stays set.

Who can use the clamps?

Furniture Manufacturing, Kitchen Installers, Woodworkers, Wood Turners, Craftsmen, and Welders. High Schools and TAFE Collages are now using the Lidwig Clamps as preferred Teaching tool in the classroom due to their speed, accuracy and safety.

Are the Lidwig clamps flexible?

There are many flexible arm clamps on the market, mainly for home construction, simple and basic welding. The flex on the X5 rack permits pressure being applied on the handles for maximum force on the clamped surface. As an introduction to welding the Lidwig clamps are impervious to heat. Splatter from welding has no effect on the X5 rack, where metal clamps are acceptable to splatter sticking on the sliding arm.

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