Features & Benefits

Diameter - 105mm

* Hang's Extension Leads, Air & Garden Hoses, Band Saw Blades, Welding Cable,etc
* Elevate Extension Leads - OH&S
* Quick to release
* Quick to Lock
* Swivel Hook for hanging adaption
* Saves Lead damage

Where to Buy
The new cable hanger from Lidwig takes the clamp invention one step further. Building on the patented clamping power of the X-Series clamps, the Claw Hanger is the workshop hook you will find hundreds of uses for!

Ever had these issues with your Lead Holder?

1. Lead kinked
2. Requires time, or cumbersome to apply.
3. Holders break from use.

The Lidwig - Claw solves all the above mentioned disadvantages.

Step 1.
Open the jaws and place over the cable (or hose, or pipe, or ... whatever!)

Step 2.
Close the jaws to engage the teeth at the bottom. Hang anywhere using the swivel hook at the top.

Most U shaped holders requires time rolling the lead onto the holder, the Lidwig Extension lead holder requires only few seconds.

The Lidwig Extension Lead Hanger is made from the same material as our Clamps (Reinforced Glass Composite), giving the user a cost effective, premium product.

Safety Hook
O.H. & S. requires extension leads are elevated for safety. Use to hold cables, or clamp upside down as a safety hook (pictured).

A Swivel Hook comes in handy with storage, from hanging on the back of utilities, in the workshop, at home, etc.

The Lidwig Hanger can be used for Holding & Hanging Extension Leads, Air Hoses, Garden Hoses, Pipes, Band Saw Blades, the list is endless.

The Claw has proven faultlessly to increase the life span of an Electric Lead.

"...another fun gadget from Lidwig. The Claw is labeled to hold extension cords, air hoses and band saw blades, and it does that extremely well. But my first thought was to use this product to hang my 4" dust collection hose. The Claw wraps perfectly around the hose and can be hung anywhere in the shop. As a bonus, the hook is on a swivel, so once piped, you could move from tool to tool with ease. The Claw is available for a *whopping* $8!" -- Glen from Popular Woodworking Magazine

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